Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ENO SingleNest/DoubleNest Hammocks

Last night was my first night sleeping the whole night through in a hammock. I found it to be odd at first. Not bad just odd. I woke up refreshed and without any of the stiffness I usually get sleeping on the ground. Tonight I'm sleeping in the hammock again only this time in a ENO DoubleNest to see if it's any more comfortable than the ENO SingleNest.

Okay, last night, my second night in a hammock was in the ENO DoubleNest. It was a bit more comfortable the the SingleNest due to the extra room one can "sprawl out" a bit more. Also, I can tuck my legs into the "pockets" created when I lay longitudinally and still be almost flat. My legs certainly are. This is important because my new sleeping bag (see Exped Dreamwalker) is also designed to be used over a hammock as a cocoon. Negating the need for under/over quilts. However it may require me to sleep less on a diagonal

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