Thursday, September 8, 2011

Exped Dreamwalker 450 (first impressions)

Today I received my latest and greatest backpacking/outdoor multi-use gear. More on the multi-use part later. The Exped Dreamwalker 450, rated to 35 degrees. Out of box this bag is impressive. The quality of construction is as good as anything I've seen. High quality downproof (it's filled with 750 down) ripstop nylon outer shell and an equally high quality polyester inner shell. Everywhere there is a potential stress point it's been reinforced with bar tacks Click here if you want to see the manufacterers specs. No loose threads and all the seams are even and sewn in a way that avoids snagging on whatever.

Now back to the reason I bought the Dreawalker in the first place. The multi-uses of the impressive. Obviously it's a sleeping bag, and it can be used as a down parka as you can see from the photos. Additionally, it can be used as a cocoon around a hammock. Reducing or eliminating the need for the additional cost and/or weight of an under quilt.

I haven't yet had an opportunity to use the bag yet. Will update the review as soon as I can.

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