Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Balance 573 Trail Runners (used for backpacking shoes)

Tender skin a slightly narrow and odd shaped heel have created problems with virtually every pair of shoes I've owned for hiking/backpacking for more than 20 years. Until now. I was prepping for the second of two backpacking trips in as many weeks. My feet were still sore and the blisters weren't fully healed from the week before. I just couldn't bring myself to put on my regular hikers for yet another painfull outing. So out of desperation I decided to wear my New Balance trail running shoes. It turns out that wearing trail running shoes is what's best for my my feet.

Running shoes come in a variety of lasts (lasts run the length of the shore and determine how a show fits) and features which can often give a superior fit. I'm my case, a last with a narrow heel and a slightly wide toe box. The wider toe box allows room for my feet to swell on long hikes. The heel cup combined with an integrated heel restraint is just snug enough to keep the heel from moving.
Bottom line. If you aren't carrying heavy loads, consider switching to trail running shoes. My feet have never felt better while hiking/backpacking.

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