Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Exped Multimat Review

Today's review is about another awesome product from Exped, their Exped Multimat. I've used this for several months now and found it to be exactly as advertised. It made from 1/16 in of very durable, dense closed cell foam and sewn together with a ripstop nylon backing incorporating tie out loops and snaps. Unfolded dimensions are approximately 39inches by 79inches and weighs maybe 11oz. This allows it to be used as a small tarp,  waterproof/windproof insulated blanket and/or poncho. The snaps allow for combining multiple mats or folding one over and stuffing it with leaves and grass etc to allow for a colder rating if you're caught in  colder than expected conditions.

All in all, an extremely versatile piece of kit. I use it as a pad for my hammock either flat or folded depending on temperature. If folded in half an half again it fits as the pad/insulation for my chair kit when camping with ground pounders. Often I'll pull it out at lunch when backpacking as my sit pad.

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