Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Dutch Ware Dutch Buckle

I received my Dutch Ware hammock suspension Dutch Buckle today and of course the first thing I did was inspect and install them on my hammock suspension. My first impressions are a mixed bag. While the buckles are totally functional and no doubt will do what they're supposed to do. However, they are a little rough from a production standpoint. They look more like a prototype than a production product. Not a big deal but just something I noted. I'll be going out next week for a camp out and I'll post photos and a quick follow-up then.

Update: just got back from a four day three night camping trip using the new Dutch Buckles on my hammock setup. All in all I liked the buckles. They make it a lot easier to adjust the whoopie slings along the tree webbing to center the hammock when one tree is much larger than the other. Of courses the the main use, hanging the whoopie slung off the buckles is incredibly easy. Good product.

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