Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tato Gear AB-13 Max Hybrid Stove

After using a Varga Triad Alcohol Stove (see review here) for the better part of a year, I've decided to abandon it for something else. That something, is the Tato Gear AB-13 Max Hybrid (hereafter referred to as the stove) alcohol stove.

First, a brief background to the pros and cons of alcohol stoves vs other types of stoves.

1. Simple.
2. Light.
3. Cheap (usually, depends on what it's made of and whether or not it's a DIY stove).
4. Fuel is cheap and easy to find.
5. Best use is for heating water.
6. Fuel has dual use.

1. Not as hot or fast as canister stoves or white gas stoves.
2. Not as efficient at high altitudes or very low temperatures.
3. Not the best for cooking. Best use is for heating water. (This stove being the exception).

Here is a description from Tato Gear website of the stove.

The AB-13 MAX Hybrid Alcohols Stove builds on the technology of the AB-13 Hybrid. At 1.5 times the diameter of the original, this stove packs a powerful punch with more than double the BTU’s. Still with integrated pot stand legs for easy use. It brings the best of both worlds together in a compact, light weight alcohol burner that is a hot burning design. The folding design minimizes loose parts that could otherwise be lost easily. It’s fold flat design provides a compact and easily packable stove. This super strong design  is rugged and sleek yet strong enough to place your larger pots on. This stove can be remote fed and extends burn times.
This stove is perfect for the minimalist backpackers. Perfect for those long distance trips where fuel weight would be too high to carry.
Hunters love to have this stove in their packs for emergency situations. Everyone gets turned around in the woods from time to time. This stove provides the means to boil water for drinking. Don’t get lost without the means to survive.
Place this stove in you BOB or Bug Out Bag. Lightweight and compact and an essential item to carry.
The AB-13 is a practical lightweight alcohol stove that is compact enough to carry everywhere. Whether backpacking, hunting or prepping, don’t leave home without it.

Comes with zippered pouch, Remote Feed Cap w/ Feed Tube and 2 oz Bottle.


Burns Hot Like a Jet Stove • Compact Like a Wick Stove • Legs Folds for Compact folding • Light Weight only 23 Grams • Super Strong Rugged Design • Use Multiple Wick Configurations for Different Burn Patters • Remote Feed for Long Burn Times

Product Specs-

.8 oz (23 grams)Folded – 2 1/4 X 1Unfolded – 3 1/4 X 1.5Anodized Alumimun

As of this writing, I've used the stove over three backpacking trips. For a total of 6 nights and 7 days camping.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ribz Chest Pack

For many years I've been a big fan of chest back while backpacking. Moving just a few pounds from your back to the front makes a HUGE difference in the walking stance while hiking. Balance is better, not to mention that you can access more than just chapstick wearing a chest pack. Several years back I tested a first generation pack from Ribz. Lets say it needed more design work and some time to get the kinks out. I just purchased a third generation pack Ribz and it's a much better pack. The access to you stuff is much improved and with the addition of interior pockets your gear is organized! I won't get an opportunity to test it on a hike for a few weeks, I'll update this post when I have used it on a hike.


Well I finally had an opportunity to use the newest version of the RIBZ chest pack. It performed to expectations. It carries a bunch of stuff from water and food to my multi-tool. My main concern was if the chest pack would interfere with my arms moving back and forth using the trekking poles. Happy to report that there was no problem with that. All of my previous chest packs hung from the main pack suspension. Which works fine but, if you wanted to take the main pack off, the chest pack had to take the chest pack off first. With the RIBZ chest pack, it goes on first then the main pack. So when taking a break long enough to warrant taking the backpack off the RIBZ stays on with my lunch/water and most of my essentials still on my body. Light, comfortable and close at hand. Awesome, a very good purchase for me.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Enlightened Equipment Revolt Underquilt

8/6/2015 - Just arrived! My new Enlightened Equipment Revolt underquilt for my hammock. Craftsmanship and quality materials is fantastic. This model is the 55in, 20°, with DownTek. It Weighs a tad bitover 16oz. Couldn't be mor pleased. Will ad to this review when I get out in the wilderness.

Well I finally got out on a cool enough weekend to use this quilt. Short version, it works exactly as advertised. Warm, easy to set up and just big enough to cover me from my neck to mid calf, and wide enough to easily cover my shoulders. The secondary suspension keeps the quilt up and snug against the bottom keeping you warm and draft free. Karo style quilting keeps the down in one area and makes it easy to fluff and move around a wee bit. Awesome.