Saturday, August 8, 2015

Enlightened Equipment Revolt Underquilt

8/6/2015 - Just arrived! My new Enlightened Equipment Revolt underquilt for my hammock. Craftsmanship and quality materials is fantastic. This model is the 55in, 20°, with DownTek. It Weighs a tad bitover 16oz. Couldn't be mor pleased. Will ad to this review when I get out in the wilderness.

Well I finally got out on a cool enough weekend to use this quilt. Short version, it works exactly as advertised. Warm, easy to set up and just big enough to cover me from my neck to mid calf, and wide enough to easily cover my shoulders. The secondary suspension keeps the quilt up and snug against the bottom keeping you warm and draft free. Karo style quilting keeps the down in one area and makes it easy to fluff and move around a wee bit. Awesome.

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