Friday, December 23, 2016

Tacoma Suspension Upgrade

Awesome. If I had only one word to describe SuperSprings SumoSpring product line that is the word. Fortnately, I can us a lot more words here in this review. I have made several upgrades to my 2012 Tacoma Sport 4x4 (stock suspension) and this is by far the single best upgrade I've made to my truck. As all truck owners know, trucks have poor ride quality unless they're loaded with a few hundred pounds of cargo. That's how and why they are designed. Most of us however, drive around with an unloaded truck. My Tacoma Sport has a firm but smooth ride by design but while the front is well behaved the back end is choppy going over pot holes, man hole covers, washboard etc. when empty. Until now that is. After the SumoSpring installation the truck feels like it's loaded even when it's empty. The rear suspention absorbs bumps and dips like the front end. They also stabilize the truck side to side when cornering hard similar to an anti-sway bar. The truck handles in a much more balanced and predictive way.
I just returned from a thousand mile road trip that covered freeway, city, and four wheeling in the back country. It didn't seem to affect the off-roading in any significant way that I could tell. It was the most comfortable drive of any pickup, SUV I've ever driven or been a passenger in other than a highend luxury boat not suitable for heavy hauling or off-roading. I can say with certainty that I will install SumoSprings on every future truck/suv I purchase.
One last thing, I took a friend for a five minute drive around his neighborhood in my truck. He was so impressed he immediately ordered a set for his Ford truck. If you do a lot of different things with your truck like I do, loaded, unloaded, road trips and off roading do yourself a favor and purchase a set that fits your truck.

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